To learn more about one another and to hone their conversational Spanish skills, Josh’s 5-6 class has lately been involved in an interview process. Working mostly in pairs and a couple groups of three, the students are producing presentations regarding their classmates, which they’ll deliver to the larger class in Spanish. As one student put it, “The assignment helps us learn how to ask questions in Spanish and to get to know our classmates better, especially the students who are new to EMS.” To do so, they’ve each devised unique interview questions, in Spanish, then collected each other’s reactions, also in Spanish. Questions tend to be highly specific and measuring a range of plausible personal interests, including “¿Cuál es tu color favorito?” and “¿Quién es tu cantante favorito?” The minimum was set at five questions per interviewee, though most interviewers have tended toward eight or more. Each interviewer then transcribes the answers into a Google Slides presentation, adding color, images, and flourish to accompany the specific answers of their classmates, and they change the parts of speech to present answers as complete sentences. The interview process occurred over two days last week, the first of which involved a botched attempt using Zoom, during which the class determined that too many voices in one area resulted in too much background noise and technical glitches, so they resorted to the timeless approach of heading outside to speak face to face (from a reasonable distance). The transference of the content to slideshows then happened over another couple of days, and students are now in the process of rehearsing and presenting to the larger class. Beginning this Friday, a few of the 5-6 students will also present to the larger school during Friday’s Community Meeting. Hopefully, Zoom will accommodate their efforts.