Who am I? The age-old question presents a never-ending stream of philosophical wonder available to all students of every age. Perhaps the kindergarten class presents the most fascinating case-study, as they constantly grapple with the notion, minute by minute. Who am I in relation to my classmates? What am I eating for lunch today? Did I put on the right clothes for recess? Who are we in relation to the Kindness Ninjas? All good questions. Lately, the Sagebrush class has taken the same concept inwardly in a literal consideration of their physical innards. What am I made of? Merrick has telescoped their individualism to begin a study of biology. Each kindergartener first traced their outline on a sheet of butcher paper, which they are treating as ‘body maps.’ They’re then creating anatomical features from other paper and various material, coloring or shaping them, and applying the various pieces to their body maps to render a layered concept of their complicated selves. Following early exploration of the digestive system, lately they’ve moved on to the circulatory system, using red and blue yard to signify arteries and veins. Likewise, Josh is working with them to develop a bilingual labeling system for a broad audience. And, they also worked with Keri last week to focus on their eyes. Following discussion of the importance and complexity of eyeballs, and a brief presentation regarding Rene Magritte, they looked in mirrors, studied the details of what they saw deep within their own eyes, and used mixed media to produce a version on paper. When their nervous systems are completed next week, they’ll extract their drawings of eyes from their sketchbooks to layer onto their body maps. Are eyes a window into the soul? Maybe. You should have a look at the Sagebrush body maps when they’re complete and see what you think.