Why Support Emerald?

Emerald Mountain School relies on the generosity of the entire community to deliver an exceptional educational experience for all students. Every gift, regardless of size, makes an impact, and supports our excellent teaching staff, our robust academic and experiential learning programs, and ensures students have access to the most relevant and engaging curriculum. Your donation directly enhances each child’s education, and when our community fully participates in supporting Emerald, it not only results in a stronger school, but it demonstrates our commitment to sustaining the best educational experience for our children.

The Emerald Fund

The Emerald Fund is the most important fundraising priority at Emerald Mountain School. It helps bridge the gap between tuition income and the cost of operating the school. Unrestricted giving to the Emerald Fund supports the many people and programs that make an EMS education extraordinary.

We invite you to join the EMS faculty, staff, trustees, and current families that have reached 100% participation for the 2019-2020 Academic year.

By making a gift to the Emerald Fund you help to support faculty salaries, professional growth opportunities, technology upgrades, classroom materials, and curriculum enhancements. Your financial support is critical to enacting the mission of the school and every gift, no matter the size, makes a significant difference. Thank you for investing in the lives of EMS students.

Tuition Assistance Fund 2020

Emerald Mountain School is committed to making sure that the exceptional educational experience it offers is accessible to all families, regardless of income levels.

Each year, a large portion of the tuition assistance money is raised at the annual Derby Party through ticket sales, donations, and auction items. Although the Derby Party has been cancelled for May 1, 2020, we anticipate the need for tuition assistance to be even greater the next school year. Please consider a gift to the Tuition Assistance Fund to help ensure that our current students are able to continue their EMS education and we remain able to enroll new students who would otherwise be unable to attend.

Auction Announcement

Dear EMS Friends,

Welcome back! We hope that you have had a restful and relaxing break and that your family is healthy and well. It is very nice to see so much (Emerald) green around town.

While we are disappointed that the Derby Party will not take place this year, the need that it supports still very much exists, and we anticipate that a greater number of families will need tuition assistance next year. Part of Emerald’s mission is to serve a socioeconomically diverse student population, and 26% of Emerald’s student body receives some level of tuition assistance. This diversity makes Emerald the special place that we have all come to love and appreciate.

In the absence of the Derby Party, we are planning a fund-raising campaign in the month of May to support Emerald’s Tuition Assistance Program and to ensure that this exceptional educational experience is accessible to families, regardless of income levels. Our “May Days of Appreciation” campaign is meant to be lighthearted and will coincide with several monthly appreciation days and include weekly raffles. More information regarding the appreciation days will follow.

Our goal each year for the Derby Party has been for families to contribute to the tuition assistance auction by purchasing 6 tickets ($300) and donating two auction items (one valued at less than $100 and one valued at greater than $100). Through ticket sales, donations, and the event itself, we raise approximately $45,000 each year, representing a significant portion of the tuition assistance.

In the hope that we can continue to fulfill this goal, we are asking families, if they are able, to make a donation equivalent to the cost of purchasing tickets and two auction items. You will receive raffle tickets for your donation that will give you a chance to win items that were previously procured for the event. Attached is a flyer with the weekly raffle descriptions as well as information on how to make your donation and enter your name in the raffle(s) of your choice. Winners will be drawn on Friday mornings during the all school meeting. Additional tickets may also be purchased each week for the different raffles.

A gift of any amount to the Tuition Assistance Fund will help to help ensure that our current students are able to continue their EMS education and we remain able to enroll new students who would otherwise be unable to attend.

Thank you,

Michelle, Heidi, Lindsay, Jennifer, Mona, Selina, Chelsea, Phoebe, Michelle, Lizzy, Monique

Ways to Give


Please drop off your check to the attention of Kristen Heard, or mail to:
Emerald Fund 30
P.O. Box 770723
Steamboat Springs, CO 80477

*please include a memo on the check which fund your gift is for, thank you


Thank you for donating by Credit Card or Bank Transfer here:

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*please include a memo on the Venmo donation  which fund your gift is for, thank you



Pledge payments can be made until June 1, 2020

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Colorado Gives Day is December 10, 2019, but you can schedule your donation today!

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Emerald Mountain School welcomes gifts of stocks. Instructions for transferring stock to EMS can be obtained from Kristen Heard, Director of Development at