The Kindness Ninjas have been on the loose this semester. No one knows exactly who they are, nor when they’ll next advance their cause. You haven’t heard them sneaking through the hallways, and you haven’t noticed them until they’ve left behind their gestures of good will. Ninjas are experts in stealth. Their mission is clear, however: identify places and people who need acts of kindness, and then bring said kindness to them. They use their keen powers of observation and empathy to think about ways to improve the larger community, and how to spread kindness where kindness is needed. They have decorated Mary’s desk under cover of darkness. They snuck around the school and delivered hand-written notes to each faculty and staff member, adorned with personalized appreciation for the recipient’s own interests. Mine was a wonderful note about the power of books; I love it, and it’s now hanging on the wall in my classroom. Lately, the Kindness Ninjas expressed mutual admiration for ‘Mr. Miller’ who keeps the recess field clean and tended. Plus, they noticed that he often wears a Pokemon hat. So, they all wrote thank-you notes to him with Pokemon-based drawings. Most recently, too, they thought about what each member of the First Grade class would enjoy, and they made them all personalized cards. I managed to interview one of them in the hallway this morning. I could tell he was grinning from ear to ear under his ninja hood, and he described how he drew a Lego police helicopter for Michael because he “know(s) that Michael likes Legos and helicopters.” Where will they next strike? We can’t know. But, we can rest assured that, wherever justice is wanted, and wherever the world needs a pick-me-up, the Kindness Ninjas will be there.